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NFL Power Rankings: Chiefs and Eagles take top spots, Jets soar after 2023 NFL Draft

A look at where all 32 NFL teams stand following the 2023 NFL Draft. The Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles headline the list.

by Amelia Probst yesterday

Examining success factors for young offensive linemen from college to the NFL

We look at PFF's 10 highest-graded rookie offensive linemen from 2018-2022 and examine scheme factors in an attempt to better understand their success.

by Amelia Probst 10 days ago

The best quarterbacks in different situations: Geno Smith excelled deep down the field, Tua Tagovailoa impressed against zone coverage

A look at how some of the NFL's best quarterbacks performed at different throw depths, against pressure and facing man and zone coverages.

by Amelia Probst 1 month ago

The best running backs in different situations: Tyler Allgeier thrived on zone runs, Austin Ekeler dominated in the red zone

A look at how the NFL's best running backs performed on zone runs, man/gap runs, late-down runs and runs inside the red zone.

by Amelia Probst 2 months ago

The best pass-catchers in different situations: Justin Jefferson leads the way on late downs, George Kittle dominates in the red zone

A look at how the NFL's best receivers performed in the red zone, from the slot and on late downs last season.

by Amelia Probst 2 months ago

Ranking the easiest, hardest schedules for all 32 NFL teams: Saints, Falcons and Colts have favorable schedules in 2023

While every NFL team's path to victory will be unique, the strength of their schedule plays a pivotal role in shaping their future. Here, we use PFF ELO to delve into the 2023 NFL season and determine which teams have the easiest and hardest schedules.

by Amelia Probst 2 months ago

Team turnover: Which NFL teams have seen the most roster turnover over the last three seasons?

With the excitement of free agency and the draft now behind us, it's the perfect time to look at which NFL teams have had the most roster turnover over the past three seasons.

by Amelia Probst 3 months ago

Power ranking all 32 NFL teams before the 2023 NFL Draft: Chiefs, 49ers and Eagles rise to the top

A look at where all 32 NFL teams stand before draft season really gets going. The Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers headline the list, while the Indianapolis Colts have some work to do if they are to compete in 2023.

by Amelia Probst 4 months ago

Free agency gains and losses: Tracking WAR lost, gained by each NFL team

We'll be tracking wins above replacement lost and gained by every NFL team on offense and defense throughout 2023 free agency.

by Amelia Probst 5 months ago

NFL Conference Championships: Ranking the four passing offenses ahead of the AFC, NFC championship games

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To no surprise, the Kansas City Chiefs come in at No. 1 on the passing offense rankings ahead of the conference championship games. Will the Bengals, Eagles or 49ers take the second spot?

by Amelia Probst 6 months ago

NFL Week 16 Power Rankings: Trevor Lawrence and the Jacksonville Jaguars are on the rise

The Jacksonville Jaguars jump five places in PFF's power rankings thanks to a number of impressive performances from quarterback Trevor Lawrence.

by Amelia Probst 8 months ago

NFL Week 15 Power Rankings: The Detroit Lions are on the rise, New York Giants fall out of the top 20

The Detroit Lions have risen nine spots in our power rankings over the past two weeks and now sit as a top-15 team in the NFL.

by Amelia Probst 8 months ago

NFL Week 14 Power Rankings: The Cincinnati Bengals make their push, Kansas City Chiefs remain at No. 1

The Kansas City Chiefs enter Week 14 as the top team in PFF's power rankings. Meanwhile, the Philadelphia Eagles keep their spot at No. 3, and the San Francisco 49ers come in at at No. 5.

by Amelia Probst 8 months ago

Using volatility to evaluate NFL offensive linemen

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Shedding light on how volatility can affect an offensive lineman's evaluation.

by Amelia Probst 1 year ago

Amelia Probst joined PFF in June 2022 and works as a data scientist within the research and development team. She graduated from Cornell University with a degree in statistics in 2022.

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