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2023 NFL Draft: Top selections for every NFL team according to PFF's Mock Draft Simulator

PFF's Mock Draft Simulator tallies each pick, providing insights into which 2023 NFL Draft prospects are favored by each NFL fanbase.

by Zach Tantillo 4 months ago

One key stat to know for PFF's top 25 free agents in 2023

Zach Tantillo reveals one key stat for each of the top-25 free agents in PFF’s free agent rankings

by Zach Tantillo 5 months ago

The top 10 wide receivers against single coverage: A.J. Brown, Justin Jefferson, Tyreek Hill and more

The 10 best wide receivers against single coverage from the 2022 season, according to PFF receiving grade.

by Zach Tantillo 6 months ago

Eagles vs. Chiefs: Who has the biggest advantage at every position group ahead of Super Bowl 57?

With two weeks to go until the big game, there is no better time to dissect every part of this matchup, starting with the advantages at each position group.

by Zach Tantillo 6 months ago

2022 NFL Draft: The top selections for every NFL team according to PFF's mock draft simulator

College & Draft
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Breaking down the most popular picks on PFF's mock draft simulator by team.

by Zach Tantillo 1 year ago

Tantillo: Superlatives for NFL running backs ahead of the 2021 season

From the veteran Dalvin Cook to the up-and-coming Antonio Gibson, the NFL's current crop of elite running backs excels in multiple facets.

by Zach Tantillo 2 years ago

CeeDee Lamb, Jerry Jeudy and more second-year breakout candidates

With quarterback Dak Prescott back to full strength for 2021, second-year wideout CeeDee Lamb could be in for a big season.

by Zach Tantillo 2 years ago

Atlanta Falcons' Calvin Ridley-Kyle Pitts tandem can exceed expectations in 2021 with no Julio Jones

The Atlanta Falcons traded star wideout Julio Jones to the Tennessee Titans, leaving a Hall of Fame-sized void to fill. But Calvin Ridley and Kyle Pitts appear primed to take on the challenge.

by Zach Tantillo 2 years ago Atlanta Falcons

10 offensive rookies in position to make an immediate impact in 2021

Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Trevor Lawrence headlines the offensive rookies projected to have the biggest impact in 2021.

by Zach Tantillo 2 years ago

Ranking the 10 best UDFA signings of the 2021 NFL Draft

PFF highlights its 10 favorite undrafted free agent signings from the 2021 NFL Draft.

by Zach Tantillo 2 years ago

2021 NFL Draft: Perfect player fits for teams that spent big in free agency

While the Denver Broncos could opt for a quarterback if one falls to them, Penn State's Micah Parsons fits a need at linebacker.

by Zach Tantillo 2 years ago

2021 NFL Draft: Perfect draft fits for teams that did not spend big in free agency

The Baltimore Ravens, New Orleans Saints, Atlanta Falcons, Indianapolis Colts and Green Bay Packers opted to keep things tight in free agency and will now look to plug holes via the draft. Here are the perfect targets for these teams.

by Zach Tantillo 2 years ago

Ranking the 2021 draft classes by conference

Using four-year WAR projections for PFF’s top 250 prospects to see which conference will reign supreme in the 2021 NFL Draft.

by Zach Tantillo 2 years ago

2021 NFL Draft: Tiering the loaded WR class that might surpass 2020's rookies

The 2020 rookie wide receiver class will go down as one of the deepest draft groups of all time, but the 2021 class might just surpass it.

by Zach Tantillo 2 years ago

NFL NFC Championship PFF ReFocused: Tampa Bay Buccaneers 31, Green Bay Packers 26

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers swept the season series against the Green Bay Packers with a 31-26 win at Lambeau in the NFC championship game.

NFL Wild Card PFF ReFocused: Baltimore Ravens 20, Tennessee Titans 13

Lamar Jackson earned his first career playoff win, and the Baltimore Ravens held Tennessee Titans running back Derrick Henry in check on Super Wild Card Weekend.

NFL Week 17 PFF ReFocused: Green Bay Packers 35, Chicago Bears 16

The Green Bay Packers locked up the NFC's No. 1 seed in the playoffs with their win over the Chicago Bears in Week 17.

NFL Week 17 PFF ReFocused: Cleveland Browns 24, Pittsburgh Steelers 22

The Cleveland Browns clinched their first playoff appearance since 2002 after escaping with a 24-22 over the Pittsburgh Steelers.

NFL Week 16 PFF ReFocused: Carolina Panthers 20, Washington Football Team 13

The NFC East crown is still up for grabs after the Washington Football Team fell to the Carolina Panthers, 20-13, in Week 16.

by Zach Tantillo 2 years ago Carolina Panthers

NFL Week 16 PFF ReFocused: Kansas City Chiefs 17, Atlanta Falcons 14

The Falcons and the Chiefs seemed like it would be a battle of two high-powered offenses but turned into a low-scoring affair with both teams only finding the end zone heading into the final frame. 


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